Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Salty Apple

What is The Salty Apple?

So glad you asked.

We love creativity and we want to help foster creativity.

We do classes (to teach creative skills).

We do events (camps, crafty days, retreats ...).

And, we help with parties.

[chocolate cupcakes with "oreo" dirt served in individual pots]

["dirt cake" for adults, scooped out with a gardening trowel]

We think that if you are having a party that you have something to celebrate, and we want to help you add another layer of sweet & salty crunch, in a "salty apple" way.  Maybe your son is all about being a spy.  Well, lets have a "spy" themed birthday party!  We will come up with decor ideas, games to play and fun favors that will not only suit your child's fancy, but offer a creative and fun birthday alternative to the bounce house.  Your family has a personality all it's own, right?  We will help you create a bash to reflect it!  We can help with ideas to get you started, or we can help implement ideas, or we can deliver a Party in a Box.

We also have lots of fun hand-made party decor items for purchase in The Salty Apple shop.

Whether you are looking for colorful bunting, a personal sign garland, mini bunting to decorate your cake, or a sweet cupcake garland as pictured here, we have got what you need to give your event that sweet and salty hand-made crunch!

photo by Dane Sanders
Who is The Salty Apple?

Lead creative is Ali Bray, a full-time mama, crafter, daydreamer, and writer.

Nice to meet you, and we hope to work together soon.

You can reach us at thesaltyapple@gmail.com

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