Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Upcoming Salty Apple Holiday Crafty Day

We feel like Christmas elves getting ready for our Holiday Crafty Day.  This day of creative exploration will be such a blast for the girls (ages 6 - 12) and they are going to emerge with a BOUNTY of wonderful hand-made goodness:

6 neighbor gifts and "You've Been Elfed" cards (it's the Christmas version of "booing" your neighbors) 

a hand-made ornament

a teacher's gift 

3 hand-made gifts (gift wrapped!) 

some baking projects

Here is a sample of our inspiration board for some of the projects ...

That's just for a few of the projects - this day is going to rock the crafty party!

The icing on the cake is that we get to partner with such a fabulous non-profit - POETS - and help out some families this holiday season.  Thank you for partnering with us!

Registration Information:
Space is Limited : Register ASAP
Register online here

Sunday, December 11th
2:30 - 5:30 PM
Cost: $100

I hope to see your girlies there!

email me with questions -

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Upcoming Salty Apple Crafty Days

We are fast approaching our next two Crafty Days!  My head is buzzing with dreaming up projects and neighbor gifts.  This is some kind of wonderful for me.

Fall Crafty Day - November 13th, 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM
we will be baking and crafting several projects, as well as making a few "neighbor gifts".  The projects that we are doing are definitely worthy of displaying in your home!  The theme of this crafty day will be "celebrating gratitude" and your children will be blessed by attending!  Cost for this day is: $75  

*I choose an organization or "cause" to partner with for each crafty day.  For the Fall Crafty Day we will be partnering with The Mull Family (our Port Street neighbors) and Harvest India (an organization that serves the poor in India).  The Mulls will be heading to India in December to work with Harvest India on a missions project.  I am so excited to get to partner with them on this endeavor, and their sweet daughter, Lindsay, is one of our little Salty Apple crafters.  I am hoping she will be able to share a little bit about her upcoming trip at our Fall Crafty Day, and then share about her trip after she comes back at an upcoming crafty day in the future.  If you register for the Fall Day, part of your registration will go towards blessing the people in India who will be loved on by The Mulls!  Of course, you are more than welcome to make an additional  donation to this trip if you would like!

Online Registration for the Fall Crafty Day - click here

Holiday Crafty Day December 11th, 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM
we will be busy, busy, busy on this day, but it will be so much fun!  We are going to bake, sew, craft and make hand-made gifts perfect for beloved teachers, coaches or family members.  The girls will get to wrap their gifts in a beautiful way too!  They will also make a little something for their neighbors.  Cost for this day is: $100

*I will be partnering with a local organization of women called "POETS" - People On Earth To Serve.  These amazing women are dear friends of mine who began this organization years ago by having garage sales, and they would take their garage sale proceeds and bless single moms and families in need.  They are warriors of hope and love to families in crisis and they work in our LOCAL community.  We are going to be donating a portion of profits from our Holiday Crafty Day to POETS, and it will most likely be used to bless some families in need during the holidays.  Thank you for partnering with us, and you are welcome to make an additional donation to POETS if you would like!

Online Registration for the Holiday Crafty Day - click here

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Halloween Crafty Day

We had our first Halloween Crafty Day this past weekend.  What a super fun-filled creative time we had!

Here is the recap of what we made:

Top row: Halloween Bunting
Middle row:  Neighbor treats [rat eyes, spider legs & ghost poop], Candy Corn Hugs
Bottom row:  Witches Brooms filled with candy corn

A portion of profits from the Halloween Crafty Day are going to Love146 - what a privilege to partner with them!

We are looking forward to our upcoming Fall and Holiday Crafty Days.  We have limited availability still left so register ASAP!  email  for more info

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Salty Apple Privilege


What a privilege it is to get to throw our kids parties.

We get to give them gifts.

We get to make them special food - food that is in addition to the food that they already have access to.

We get to enroll our children in extracurriculars.  -Sports, crafts, music lessons, dance classes, art, crafty days.  That my daughter gets to learn to sew.  For fun.

We are privileged.

It is not far from my mind that as I dream up special days and celebrations and crafts and goody bags, that there are children who live in a nightmare.  They are hungry.  They are afraid.  They may be abused.  They may be praying for clean water.  They may be sewing to support their families.

It is my privilege to donate a portion of every dollar I make in this business venture to one of the many organizations who support children.

Thank you for partnering with me in this endeavor by supporting The Salty Apple.

We are blessed to be a blessing.

[photo source:]
Organizations we are quite fond of (and look forward to supporting):

International Princess Project
Love 146
Manna Relief
World Vision

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Upcoming Salty Apple events

Get ready to get crafty!

We are offering 3 separate crafty days for girls 6 years old to 12 years old to come and create.  Final location is TBD but it will take place in Newport Beach, CA.

Each day will have its own unique creative projects & baking! We are still putting the finishing touches on all the activities, but here is an example of what the days will look like:

: Halloween Crafty Day :
- we will be baking candy corn rice krispie treats from scratch (yes, each girl will bring some home!)
- we will make a couple pumpkin crafts ("mummy" pumpkins and pretty paper covered pumpkins)
- we will also put together cute neighbor gifts to "boo" some neighbors just in time for Halloween festivities

: Fall Crafty Day :
- we will be baking home made pumpkin bread (yes, each girl will bring some home and this recipe is TO DIE FOR!)
- we will be making hand made Fall wreaths
- we will make a gratitude tree - just in time for Thanksgiving - and this will be something your family can use to display what you are thankful for!

: Holiday Crafty Day :
- we will be baking amazing holiday scones (cranberry and white chocolate chip scones from scratch)
- we will make ornaments
- each girl will make several handmade gifts to give to family members for the holidays (we will also package them so that they are ready to be given)
- each girl will make a gift for a neighbor, from your family to their's

We are excited to share inspiration and creativity with your girls! Email us with questions, and please RSVP for the days you want to attend ASAP as we have limited space available.

RSVP by emailing with the dates you want your daughter to attend.

A portion of proceeds from these crafty days will be donated to Love146, an organization working to help end child sex trafficking.  Read more about "The Salty Apple Privilege" here.

The Salty Apple

What is The Salty Apple?

So glad you asked.

We love creativity and we want to help foster creativity.

We do classes (to teach creative skills).

We do events (camps, crafty days, retreats ...).

And, we help with parties.

[chocolate cupcakes with "oreo" dirt served in individual pots]

["dirt cake" for adults, scooped out with a gardening trowel]

We think that if you are having a party that you have something to celebrate, and we want to help you add another layer of sweet & salty crunch, in a "salty apple" way.  Maybe your son is all about being a spy.  Well, lets have a "spy" themed birthday party!  We will come up with decor ideas, games to play and fun favors that will not only suit your child's fancy, but offer a creative and fun birthday alternative to the bounce house.  Your family has a personality all it's own, right?  We will help you create a bash to reflect it!  We can help with ideas to get you started, or we can help implement ideas, or we can deliver a Party in a Box.

We also have lots of fun hand-made party decor items for purchase in The Salty Apple shop.

Whether you are looking for colorful bunting, a personal sign garland, mini bunting to decorate your cake, or a sweet cupcake garland as pictured here, we have got what you need to give your event that sweet and salty hand-made crunch!

photo by Dane Sanders
Who is The Salty Apple?

Lead creative is Ali Bray, a full-time mama, crafter, daydreamer, and writer.

Nice to meet you, and we hope to work together soon.

You can reach us at

Party in a Box Packages

Tired of the "same old - same old" birthday parties?  We hear ya.  We have done the bounce house thing one too many times too.  But, we also know that you are busy.  We have created our "Party in a Box" packages just for you.  There is an array of parties to choose from that feel like custom-planned events.  Peruse the menu below and let's get this party started!

[entry to a Salty Apple baking party, decorated with a cupcake garland]

·      Crafty Girls Party -
We deliver a custom, personalized birthday garland in the colors of the party; craft supplies for the craft activity (including instructions for how to make the craft and a sample completed craft); paper plates for food & cake.

Crafts to choose from:  Butterfly Canvas with a personal stamped word, Custom-Made Stationary, Custom-Made Journal, Embroidery Hoop Art Sewing

[Stamped Butterfly Canvas: made by a 7 year old at a Salty Apple Camp]
[Embroidery Hoop Art: Sewn by 7 year old at a Salty Apple Camp]

[Salty Apple crafters]

·      Baking or Cooking Party -
We deliver a custom, personalized birthday garland in the colors of the party; the fixings for the menu that the girls will prepare together; paper plates for food & cake; and a recipe book and/or apron for party favor.

Sample menu:  Build your own turkey wraps or homemade pizza; Rainbow Fruit Kabobs; “On The Trail” trail mix; Homemade pizookies for dessert (chocolate chip cookie baked in a small pie pan, served warm with a scoop of ice cream on top)
[our cupcake garland decorating the entry to the baking party]
·      Art Party -
We deliver a custom, personalized birthday garland in the colors of the party; supplies for the girls to complete an art project; art supplies bundled with colorful ribbon for the girls to take home as a party favor; paper plates for food & cake.

·      Fancy Party -
We deliver a custom, personalized birthday garland in the colors of the party; supplies for the girls to make fancy decorative pins (to wear on whatever they desire) or to make fancy hats; a copy of a “Fancy Nancy” story to be read to the fancy girls, “fancy” signs for fancy food (we will collaborate on the menu); paper plates for food & cake.

·      Dancing Party -
We deliver a custom, personalized birthday garland in the colors of the party; a hip hopping party mix that will have the girls dancing; lip gloss & special accessories (gloves or headbands) that add to the dancer’s costumes to take home as favors; paper plates for food & cake; we can even arrange for a choreographer to come and teach the girls a dance to be performed at the end of the party. 

·      Add On’s:
o    food, cake, beverages (if not included in the package)
o    a party implementer - someone to help the girls DO the crafts or activities
o    photography of the special day
o    live entertainment
o    invitations
*   special garlands, signs or bunting to make the party pop - check out The Salty Apple Shop

Let’s get the party started  |