Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Salty Apple Parties

If you are having a party, you must have something pretty great to celebrate.

We want to help!

We offer several options for Party Planning and Consulting:

  • Build a dream board - you tell us what your theme is or what you are working on and we will help you come up with a plan.  We can help with every aspect (food, decor, theme, favors, music, yada yada), or we can help with a small part.  It's your party - we are just here to help you add that sweet and salty crunch.  The dream board will be just that - an idea board that you can run with.  Sometimes you just need a little creative boost to get the ball rolling.                  [pricing: $45 - $75]                 

  • Implement the dream board - we can bring that dream board to life.                         [pricing:  varies]

  • Party in a Box - We have put together some super fun party themes and templates that you can easily implement.  We have parties ready to go for the crafty girl, the dancing girl, the girl who loves pink and all things fancy, the little artist, and the little baker.  You place your order and we deliver the party to you.  It will be a day they won't soon forget!  To see our menu of options, click here.                                                                                                                           [pricing: varies]

[Salty Apple Crafty Girls with their handmade Stamped Butterfly canvases]

[featured: Salty Apple hand-made "celebrate" garland]

We have The Salty Apple Shop if you are looking for party decor to give your party that special sweet and salty hand-made crunch!  Shop for colorful bunting, custom made garlands, birthday cake bunting, and cupcake garlands!

Want to get this party started?  Email us at thesaltyapple@gmail.com  

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